Emmoco Ecosystem

From 2011-2014 I helped design and develop the front end code for the Emmoco Bluetooth Low-Enery (BLE) ecosystem (now defuct, IP aquired by Shelfbucks). It was composed of 7 components:

  • The BLE board (or BLE hub)
  • Em-Browser (iPhone based development tool)
  • Em-Blinker (BLE "Hello World" app)
  • Em-Hub (web service for configuring schemas for BLE devices)
  • Emmoco.com (home page that also serves as a portal)
  • Em-Builder (code development tool for Eclipse)
  • Em-Framework (code development tool for Xcode)

I had the opportunity to design and illustrate all the art and marketing collateral and assist in development of most of the these components (not the board or eclipse tool) and had a very rewarding and educational time with the company. Below are some screenshots of the various pieces of this ecosystem.

emmoco ecosystem diagram

Full Ecosystem Diagram featured on Emmoco.com

em-browser iPhone screenshot
em-blinker iPhone screenshot

Em-Browser (left) and Em-Blinker (right)

em-hub screenshot 1
em-hub screenshot 2
em-hub screenshot 3
em-hub screenshot 4

Em-hub screenshots

emmoco development kit

The development board, box and cables

emmoco.com screenshot 1
emmoco.com screenshot 2

Emmoco.com screenshots