Made by AK5A

I've been into circuit bending and hacking consumer electronics for quite a long time, usually as part of a music or video project. These bent devices along with computer processing/algornithms and other traditional instruments and tools have structual backbone of my artistic output. As to the meaning... I leave that to the viewer.

All of these samples are also available on Vimeo, Bandcamp and/or Soundcloud.

Nostalgia Sharpens Razors 1 & 2


Nostalgia Sharpens Razors #1

Nostalgia Sharpens Razors #2

Through central Oregon, reflecting. Created by AK5A and Mark Pernotto. Published November 26, 2015.


hbah pd file screenshot

Designed as a birthday present, this little toy has been quite a bit of fun. Taking mic input from a cell phone it remixes/cuts-up the sound and generates tones based on the data input. Created with PureData and MobMuPlat. Published September 13, 2014.

Learn more and download on

Above PD screen showing diagram of sound toy

A Successor


3 days of brutal snow fall, a digital camera with shutter release, one circuit bent Tascam 564, and one hacked Arduino-based wave-table synth culminated in capturing the abrupt but shift from one order to another - the unforeseen upsetting the known and supplanting our will for its own. Published August 28, 2014.

Man Rides Rockets


Proud to live in the past of a future I'll never see - bruised and beaming - content to have been at all. Mash-up by AK5A. Media courtesy of Getty Images. Music by Bach. Originally released February 2012.

They Hadn't Told Me Yet


Made by David Rheams and AK5A. Shot by DCR in Ida, Louisiana 2009. Photography by David. Sound and Editing by AK5A. Release of the footage was delayed by the passing of MAS2. Published November 17, 2012

The End of Something Good

the end of something good cover

Published January 7, 2009. Music by AK5A

Stalked by a Buffalo Because You Killed Its Mate


Created by AK5A w/ Jason Crye in Phoenix, AZ September 2008. Published November 17, 2008.

Hürgeon Thorbitt


Made by AK5A in Phoenix, AZ. Published November 10, 2008.

Hawk Hawk Hawk


Created in the desert outside of Phoenix, AZ. Photography, Editing and Music by AK5A. Big thanks to Jason Crye. Published October 17, 2008

An Ax for the Eye of the King

an ax for the eye of the king cover

September 1,2008. Music by AK5A



Animation by Michael Allen Schwalke II (MAS2), Photography, Editing and Music by AK5A. Published August 17, 2008

Big Ogre


August in Austin, TX. Illustration by AK5A and Merrie Lynn Stewart. Photography, Music and Editing by AK5A. Published August 7, 2008

Again with the Screaming

again with the screaming cover

Published March 15, 2008. Music by AK5A

Waving Great Gold Fists


One week, 8 boxes of "materials" and one human behavior loop:


Made by AK5A. Published February 17, 2008



Smooth motion courtesy of machined parts. Made by AK5A. Published May 17, 2007

Cut Wire

cutwire cover

Published May 12, 2007. Music by AK5A

Machines for Babies

machines for babies cover

Published May 12, 2007



A list of woes, thought in the only quite place many people have. Staring Charity Schubert, Photography by AK5A and David Rheams. Music and Editing by AK5A. Published March 17, 2007



Created almost by accident for the second issue of Genuine Bricoleur in a white box apartment in Shreveport, LA. Featuring the artwork and staring the late, great Michael Allen Schwalke II. Photography, Music, Editing and Mastering by AK5A.Published February 15, 2007

Weird Redneck Miracle Baby

weird redneck miracle baby cover

Published February 15, 2007. Music by AK5A

Sequence 8A01


We are predators, movement appeals, little else is required. Animation, Music and Editing by AK5A. Published January 17, 2007. Music by AK5A

Crank It Up

crank it up cover

Published January 3, 2007. Music by AK5A

James Rheams Exists


Originally released June 2006. Staring James Rheams. Cinematography by David Rheams and AK5A. Editing, music and mastering by AK5A.