I've been an avid computer user since 1986 when I began helping my father with Lotus 123 data-entry in exchange for a few rounds of Spacewar. As I got older, I became enamored with MTV, animation and experimental music. A failing pre-internet high-school maker experiment to build a Theramin served to piked my curiosity about electronics, and once I got the internet, I was off to the races (though i did ultimately buy a Moog Theremin). This love of devices, hacking and computers became a part of my artwork long before it found a home in my professional work.

After college, I started my career primarily as a designer with a knack/requirement for self-learning - I've tended to try to implement as much of my designs as possible armed with a text-editor, Google and sweat-equity until I conceded and sought help (fortunately I've always had good friends with outstanding expertise)!

Over the years, this adaptability has allowed me to work alongside many talented and creative experts in many fields: from electrical engineers, to animators, to software devs, to business development teams.

Very recently I've had the good fortune to really meet some incredible engineers and computer scientists who have taken me under they're wing and really helped me dive deep into IoT, sensor technology, deep learning and robotics.

The 10,000 ft view of my career is that creativity, hackery/prototyping and design continue to allow me to participate in the cutting edge creative and engineering fields that will slowly bring about the techno-topia that I used to dream about as a kid. I can say I feel extremely fortunate.

If anything in this site gels with you, contact me and lets work together. Until then, thanks so much for checking out AK5A!

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