PulsedLight Docs & Code

In 2015, I worked for PulsedLight, Inc (prior to they're aquisition by Garmin). One of my goals was to prepare application code for customers of our LIDAR-Lite product. Because of the multitude of microprocessor platforms out in the market, we decided to focus specifically on Arduino, as it was open and worked with so many different programming platforms with relative ease - users from experts to complete novices could be up and running in very short order.

As we progrssed from version 1 to version 2 of the sensor we realized that publishing individual pieces of code wasn't as valuable as an Arduino library with easy to access functions for the various features of the sensor. For more advanced users we extensively documented the library so they could learn the details and apply this to they're own projects.

Below are some samples of the LIDAR-Lite v2 library code and documentation. This and the version 1 repositories are available at github.com/pulsedlight3d.

lidar-lite basic i2c wiring
lidar-lite basic arduino i2c wiring

I2C wiring diagram for LIDAR-Lite. Pinout (left) and Arduino (right)

lidar-lite arduino library screenshot 1
lidar-lite arduino library screenshot 2

Screenshots of library code showing inline documentation

lidar-lite i2c specification diagram

I2C protocol diagram for LIDAR-Lite