Featured project: Voila.coffee

Specialty instant coffee company in Bend, OR. I provided strategy, design, custom e-commerce and am currently developing a coffee taste profile algorithm based on annonymous user submitted surveys. Visit voila.coffee

Artwork Supercut

Originally published on Instagram as @remakezero, these micro-videos were an experiment in daily generated content and follower aquisition without traditional communities (i.e. no one I knew was a follower and I generated followers exclusively via hashtags and at-ing other users). This is just a supercut of small bits and pieces, largely random footage with procedural effects, some python and general mischief.


I create small focused digital projects in close collaboration with founders, researchers, engineers, creatives and dreamers for academic research, startups and small businesses utilizing code, design, art, strategy and data *NEW*:

  • CODE: Demo, Research and production ready web, desktop and mobile applications for < 50K users as well as informational websites for > 50K users
  • DESIGN: Experiment, Product, UI/UX and ecosystem design
  • ART: Branding, Illustrations, Diagraming, PowerPoints, Animation, Music, Sound Design and more
  • STRATEGY: Marketing and Promotional campaigns, business model, business process and project management
  • *NEW* DATA: Aquisition via crawlers, scrapers, formatting; tools for data processing and discovery; training tools, ML generation

Let’s jam on your project - info@ak5a.com

Skills: Web, Desktop and Mobile App Development, Website Development, AI/ML, Python, Javascript, Swift, JavaScript, REST APIs, Java, HTML/CSS, UI/UX, 2D/3D Illustration, Arduino and Electronics Hacking, Rapid Software Prototyping, A/V, Stop-Motion & Time-Lapse Video, Music, Whiteboard savant and generally jamming on ideas with others